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Kelly Kathleen Gray is an experienced Claims Practices attorney with an extensive background defending, prosecuting and managing claims practices/extra-contractual claims litigation, complex coverage issues and claims litigation generally. 

Ms. Gray is Admitted to Practice Law in Florida and New York State and is experienced in both State and Federal Court.  She litigated on behalf of insurance carriers and their insureds from 1993 until 2002, defending insurance coverage and extra-contractual suits as well as personal injury, construction defect and other types of litigation. 


In 2002 Ms. Gray became Claim Counsel for Travelers of Florida where she managed all extra-contractual and coverage claims and litigation for this Florida personal lines subsidiary of Travelers. She oversaw the Major Case Unit handling claims involving exposures exceeding $250,000 and complex legal or claim handling issues and all first party property litigation including mold and sinkhole litigation. Ms. Gray designed and implemented claim handling procedures to meet Florida's strict claim handling standards and created and conducted training programs for Travelers of Florida and other Travelers entities conducting business and handling claims in Florida on coverage and claim handling practices. She was also responsible for the design, implementation and management of a strategic claim initiative for Outside Bodily Injury Claim Handling.

From 2002 to 2009 Ms. Gray was a policy holder advocate with Gunn Law Group, P.A. where she maintained a civil litigation and appellate practice in state and federal court focusing on the prosecution of direct and bad faith and coverage actions against insurance companies frequently involving substantial losses including death or serious injuries or catastrophic damage to insured property. 

In 2009 Ms. Gray returned to Corporate Insurance with Direct General Insurance.  While there, she managed all extra-contractual and coverage claims and litigation for this personal lines non-standard automobile insurance carrier conducting business throughout the Southeastern United States. Ms. Gray also managed strategic investigations and litigation pertaining to insurance fraud. She participated in drafting Legislative reform proposals on key insurance matters; designed and implemented claim handling procedures to meet claim handling standards in multiple jurisdictions; created and conducted training programs on coverage and claim handling practices; and reported to and provided counsel, advice and guidance to Corporate and Claim Executives on claim practices, individual extra-contractual claims, claims related class actions and strategic litigation. Ms. Gray also developed and managed a highly effective and innovative alternative to both panel and staff counsel management of first party litigation, resulting in annual litigation expense savings to the company of multiple millions of dollars while at the same time improving the consistency and the quality of the defense.  In addition, she designed workflows and managed the implementation of ImageRight system for Claims and managed the mail imaging and distribution team.

Today, Ms. Gray is an independent insurance consultant  available to assist you with insurance claims litigation, management and resolution.

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